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Hongxuan Guo

Ph. D, Associate Professor.

Tel: 025-83792632-8817




  • Dr. Hongxuan Guo received his Ph. D from Nanjing University, in 2009. He worked as a postdoc researcher in National Institute for Materials Science, Japan from 2009 to 2104 and National Institute of Standard Technology, Us from 2014 to 2018. Now, he is an associate professor in school of electronic science and engineer, southeast university. Dr. Guo has published more than 50 peer reviewed papers. He is reviewer of Scientific Reports, Applied Physics Letters and other scientific journals.

Research interests:
  • Developments of In-situ measurement technologies.
  • Design and fabrication of microchannels MEMS devices.
  • Surface physics and characterization.
  • Advanced nonvolatile memory technologies.
Selected Publications:

1. H. X. Guo, Nano Letters 17 (2), 1034–1041

2. H. X. Guo, Carbon 153, 116-119

3.H. X. Guo, Scientific Reports 6, 38760

4.H. X. Guo, Applied Physics Letters 105 (2), 023105

5.H. X. Guo, Applied Physics Letters 104 (3), 031607

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