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Hong Yu






  • 1982.9-1986.7:   B.S. in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • 1986.9-1989.7:   M.S. in Beijing University of Posts&Telecommunications
  • 1991.9-1995.6:   Ph.D. in Southeast University
  • 1989.10- 1991.08,       Beijing Institute of Glass

  • 1995.6-1999.9,            Southeast University, Lecturer, Associate Professor

  • 1999.10-.2001.3,         Shizuoka University,  Researcher

  • 2001.3-2002.7,            Quantum Bridge Communications, Principal Engineer

  • 2002.8-now,                 Southeast University, Associate Professor

Research interests:
  • Nano-electro-mechanical Systems;
  • Opto-electronics;
Selected Publications:

1. Y. B. Wang, H. Yu, L. B. Lu, Y. Y. Tan. “Molecular dynamics study on young’s modulus of silicon nanostructures at finite temperature�? Proc. Of SPIE Vol. 7381 (2009) 73812U1-7.

2. L. B. Lu, H. Yu, W. W. Zhang. “Size-dependent and orientation-dependent Young’s modulus of silicon nanowires�? Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7375 (2008) 73753E1-5.

3. W. W. Zhang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu, L. B. Lu. “Size-dependent elasticity of silicon nanowires�? Advanced Materials Research Vols. 60-61 (2009) pp 315-319.

4. J. Wang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu. “Size and temperature dependence of Young’s modulus of a silicon nano-plate�? J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. Vol. 41 (2008) 165406 (5pp).

5. H. Yu, Q. A. Huang, X. X. Liu. “Modeling of H2O adsorption-induced curvature of a metal/silicon nanocantilever�? Applied Surface Science Vol. 255 (2009) pp9404-9408.

6. J. Wang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu. “Effect of (2×1) surface reconstruction on elasticity of a silicon nano-plate�? Chin. Phys .Lett. vol.25(2008) pp1403-1406

7. J. Wang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu. “Young’s modulus of silicon nanoplates at finite temperature�? Applied Surface Science Vol.255(2008) pp2449-2455

8. J. H. Zhang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu, S. Y. Lei. “Orientation effects in ballistic high-strained p-type Si nanowire FETs�? Sensors Vol. 9 (2009) pp 2746-2759.

9. J. H. Zhang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu, J. Wang , S. Y. Lei. “Effect of temperature and elastic constant on the piezoresistivity of silicon nanobeams�? J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 105 (2009) 086102.

10. J. H. Zhang, Q. A. Huang, H. Yu, J. Wang. “The influence of surface effects on size-dependent mechanical properties of silicon nanobeams at finite temperature�? J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. Vol. 42 (2009) 045409 (6PP).


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