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How to get published in Nature (and its sister journals)


by Dr. Ed Gerstner  

Executive Editor, China, Nature Communications

      So, you've discovered something extraordinary and you want to tell the world about it. Why would you publish it in a Nature journal? Which one should you choose? Indeed, why has Nature spawned so many new titles? What is Nature Communications, and what is it trying to do that other Nature journal don't do already? What is Open Access? In this talk I'll try to answer these and any other questions you have about getting published in a Nature journal. I'll also cover: what we look for in the papers that we consider for publication; the mechanics of how submissions are handled; how to decide if your paper could be for us; how to prepare a submission; and what to do when you think we (or our referees) have got a decision wrong. And, of course, what are we looking for in China?







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