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Graphene and Graphene-­based Hybrids for Energy Storage

     by Pro.Pedro Gomez-Romero

NEO-­Energy lab at ICN2 (CSIC)


MEMS教育部重点实验室 南高院4楼活动室


         We will present an overview of the development of graphene and graphene-­based hybrid electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors. This will include our recent work on nanocomposites of nanocarbons with a variety of extended oxides (MnO2, CuO) as well as with molecular polyoxometalates, alike of metal oxide molecular clusters. This approach has been applied to Graphenes leading to materials with a perfect combination of properties for their use as active electrode materials in energy-­storage devices, namely, a combination of conductivity-­electroactivity as well as a combination of double-­layer capacitive energy storage (graphene) and faradaic energy storage in a single material with a dual energy storage mechanism. We will discuss examples of this type of materials and their improved energy storage properties, together with efforts for the integral development of low-­cost high-­performance electrodes based on them.


Personal profile:

1987 B. Sc. and Ms Sc. Universidad de Valencia, Spain. Ph.D. in
Chemistry, Georgetown University, USA

1990-­2007 CSIC Researcher at ICMAB.

1998-­1999 Sabbatical at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,

2006-­present Full Research Professor at ICN2 (CSIC)

2007-­present Group Leader of NEO-­Energy lab at ICN2 (CSIC), directing
projects on hybrid organic-­inorganic nanostructures, nanocomposite
materials for energy storage and conversion (lithium batteries,
supercapacitors, graphene, flow batteries, solar-­thermal energy,
















































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