Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures: Designing Next-Generation Devices


by  Prof. Weilie Zhou 

Advanced Materials Research Institute, University of New Orleans, USA

      Devices built from three-dimensional nanoarchitectures offer a number of advantages over those based on thin-film technolog, such as larger suface area to enhance the sensitivity of sensors and collect more solar energy to improve the efficiency, supplying more emitters to generate higher resolution for flat panel screen, etc.  In this talk, the different fabrication, integration, and design strategies used to create functional nanodevices will be discussed. With the focus on synthesis and fabrication methods for three-dimensional nanostructure assembly and construction, coverage includes chemical sensors, capacitors, renewable energy, and more. By summarizing the state-of-the-art in synthesis and nanodevice fabrication, this talk will be an essential reference for a broad audience of researchers in materials science, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering.







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