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           Fabrication of nano-structure materials

Low temperature casting of graphene

(a~f) Different graphene castings including triangular prism, quadrangular prism, joint ring, crucible, screw stem, and gear. (g) Diagram of the procedure of castings.
(a~c) Digital photographs for different amount of ammonia: without ammonia, excessive ammonia, and appropriate ammonia, respectively. (d~i) SEM images of surface and cross-section for three different amount of ammonia. (j~k) Compressive strength vs pH, and electrical conductivity vs pH, respectively.
Publications: 1. Hengchang Bi, Kuibo Yin, Xiao Xie, Yilong Zhou, Neng Wan, Feng Xu, Florian Banhart, Litao Sun, and Rodney S. Ruoff, “Low temperature casting of graphene with high compressive strength" Advanced Materials  24, 5124-5129 (2012)  
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